Winter 2007/2008 -- Spyder added a new factory location
to his existing ones. He is now making boards on the
North Shore of Oahu in Haleiwa.

Summer/Fall2007 -- Spyder has designed a new line of
board shorts and shirts, which will be ready for the summer
of 2008, under the label " Spyder Wright Surfwear".

Winter/ 2006-2007 --  Spyder added a new factory location to his existing Florida facility. He is now making surfboards on the North Shore of Maui. The boards are being sold out of a shop in Kahului.

  Our company was founded by Spyder Wright in the fall of 1963, while attending college in Long Beach, California. We are the original SPYDER SURFBOARDS, even though others have used the name. In the summer of 1964 Spyder re-located his business to Ocean City, Md. where he began making, selling and renting Spyder Surfboards. In 1964  Spyder opened the 1st Spyder Surf Shop there in Ocean City. In 1968, Spyder and re-nowned surfer, Gary Propper opened a 2nd shop in Palm Beach, Fla. From 1970 to 1980 Spyder opened shops in Rehoboth, De.; Annapolis, Md.; Georgetown, D.C.; and Nantucket Island, Ma. selling surfboards, lifestyle clothing, watches, and sport-oriented accessories. I n 1980, Spyder along with Team Rider, Mitch Whitely, opened a new shop, and factory in Ocean City. Mitch also assisted in the design and shaping of a new model: the "Whitely-Wright Model" Today , Spyder has two retail  locations in Nantucket and Palm Beach; and numerous shops that sell his boards.
Welcome to the website of Spyder Wright Surfboards. We are a company that has been in business now for Forty-four years.  Our founder, Spyder has always taken great pride in the products he designs, Mfg. and sells. With his three children and their young ideas and imput, the Spyder Co. is now looking foward to the next Forty-three years. Spyder is still very involved, and spends as much time in the water, testing new designs, and  promoting the sport of surfing, that he has had a passion for his entire adult life. Spyder is like an Ambassador to the sport, wherever he travels. He is presently spending his winters in Hawaii, to be able to ride some of the best surf on this planet; and now is making boards there.
Spyder Wright has lived the surfing lifestyle for almost  a half a century now, and continues to do so. He is recognized as one of "The Living Legends" of the sport. His two passions in life, are his family and his love of the ocean. His passion for the ocean and the sport of surfing, show in the fine surfing products he produces.
Spyder Wright Surfboards